We meet every Sunday morning from 10:00 to 10:20 at  Vail Academy and High School in Room 423.


Here at Authentic Life Student Ministry, we answer questions that youth are asking regarding faith and truth. We accomplish this through group teachings, small group study times and also by living life together. The heart of ALSM is to connect students to Jesus, help them grow together, and show them how to live authentically for Christ. At ALSM we don’t want to see students to waste their lives on things that don’t matter in this life. We want them to tap into the full potential of living their lives for God and serving others.

As a church we seek to help families with teenagers to make the most of these important years of their lives. In a 2016 Barna Research study it showed that 59% of Generation Z consider the church to not be relevant to them personally versus 49% among christians. You can see that in these percentages there is a lot of work that needs to be done in the lives of our teenagers both christian and non-christian.

At ALSM we work to change those numbers and we want your student to be a godly leader in their schools, families, and communities. Your teenagers have the power to change the world for the Gospel of Christ.

My name is James Vernoy and I have been in youth ministry for over 4.5 years now and have seen a lot of students leave the church (which breaks my heart) but in my ministries I have seen even more students stay in their faith after High School. We want to help connect your students to Jesus, teach them how to grow together, and show them how to live authentically for Him! Authentic Life Student Ministries is where you students need to be!   

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